Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pretty Cure Splash Star 5

This project may be stumbling along limply, but here's proof that it's not quite dead =P

Torrent here

Huge thanks as usual to HotondoNaNashi for checking and correcting the translation and Quarkboy for timing. More soon!

EDIT: I left it seeding overnight, and evidently I got disconnected at some point, before anyone actually managed to get a complete download. Sorry to everyone who's been trying to get it. It should be fine now.


Anonymous said...

thanks, thanks, thanks, THANKS!!!!1

seriously, i was so sad to see no more epsisodes out!

keep releasing episodes plz!

Anonymous said...

yeah finally it's out

Anonymous said...

Wow thank you!! Please keep working on this! :D

Anonymous said...

arigato, hope we have more in the near future!

Anonymous said...

Oh awesome. I thought you dropped this to persue real life or something ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!! <3