Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pretty Cure Splash Star 1

Welcome to the blog-tacular website for Mystery Fan Translation Group X. I will eventually get round to sorting out a more interesting design that this, but for now I just present to you my first release: Pretty Cure Splash Star episode 1, available from the MFTGX torrent page. Marvel as they reboot the series with new characters who are just like the old ones, in a story just like the old story!

Some words of warning: Firstly, I make no guarantee about the accuracy of the translation. There are only a small handful of lines that I wasn't entirely sure about, but they exist nonetheless. I don't think you need to be too worried overall though; it's a fairly simple show.

Secondly, there is a good chance that I will not end up subbing the whole series, since I am very good at starting things and not finishing them. That said, at this point I certainly intend to do it all. I am more likely to keep going in the long-term if (a) I know that there are people interested in the series, and (b) if I find people to help out, specifically with timing.

On which note... Is there anyone reading this who is interested in doing the timing for this series? No experience is necessary provided you feel you can do a good job (I had no prior experience before doing episode 1 and I think it turned out okay), so please contact me if you're interested. It would be much appreciated! In theory I could use help with some other aspects as well (typesetting, encoding) but those aren't nearly so time-consuming, so I'm less bothered. Mainly it's just that the translation is the fun part, so if possible I want to concentrate on that.

It also occurs to me that it would be great if there was someone with better Japanese ability than me who would be willing to look over my translations. I figure that's a bit of a pipe dream though =)

That's all for now. Any and all comments about both the show and the fansub are much appreciated (provided any criticism is constructive)! You can either post a comment here or e-mail me at


Anonymous said...

Well if you want, you can ask Arienai as a partnership... they did the first series. And it would mean less work :P

T1 said...

But sadly that would mean mp4 files, which a few ppl out there can't play no matter what everyone says (yeah installing vlc or ccc or fdshow doesn't help either), will exist to pain their hearts. Plus they are gonna do the second season first before starting on the third (and yeah I think it's stupid to start from the start again with new chars and new story...which looks alot like the old). But other than that it's cool to know that there are still ppl doing show that other aren't :) keep up the great work!

Andrusi said...

Ooooh, mysterious... :)

Sam Pinansky said...

Quarkboy here (head of Arienai):
Excellent job. If you need any help, I'll be glad to provide it. Translation was very good overall, a few tiny things I might have done differently. One kind of silly mistake right near the end:
"Don't stare into space as if you've died"... you probably misheard "shingakki", which is new semester, not "like you died". Special attacks, and all other important things are good. Timing is acceptable, all in all an excellent first release. I hope you do manage to keep it up so I won't have to do it after I finish max heart :).

Anonymous said...

Arienai are probably not going to do Splash Star. They think it's kinda stupid. As mentioned, they're starting the second second soon, though.

Sam Pinansky said...

Now now, I never said I wouldn't do Splash star. Just that at the moment I think it sucks. It might get better... we'll see. Episode 2 definitely was better than episode 1, so it might get good.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job!!!Support ya all
the way

Mystery Person X said...

Quarkboy: Thanks for the feedback! It means a lot to me that you think I did a good job :D

Thanks for pointing out that mistake near the end... definitely silly that I misheard it. In any case, it's corrected in the script, and I'll reencode it if and when I get enough episodes to do a batch torrent (for now I figure it's not worth the effort for that one line).

Don't be too surprised if I end up asking you your thoughts on certain lines (or similar) in later episodes :P

Thanks for everyone else's comments too. I'm about to watch episode 2, so I'll probably start working on it in the next couple of days (work for university permitting).

Anonymous said...

はい、これ坂の上のすずきさんちのばあさんに届けてあげて。(give or take a bit)

That isn't "house labeled Suzuki-san""
but something like "Suzukisan's house"
すずきさんの家(うち) blurred to

So "Deliver it to the old lady at Suzukisan's at the top of the hill."
or possibly
"Deliver it to the Suzukisan's grandmother at their house at the top of the hill."

Mystery Person X said...

Saki's mother is giving her directions. To me, the implication seemed to be that "Suzuki-san" and "the old woman" being referred to are the same person, and that Saki should find her by looking for "the Suzuki-san house" (i.e. the house with a sign saying "Suzuki"). At the same time, it's vague enough that the old lady/grandmother might be someone else who lives at Suzuki-san's house.

It was based on that understanding that I tried to find the best way to phrase the line (hence the liberty I took in adding "labelled"), allowing for both possibilities but leaning towards my first assumption. I'll admit my understanding might have been wrong, so feel free to tell me if you still think that's the case.

Anonymous said...

>Saki's mother is giving her >directions. To me, the implication >seemed to be that "Suzuki-san" and >"the old woman" being referred to >are the same person,

Quite possibly, about a 50/50 chance
if she's a grandmother.

>and that Saki should find her by
>looking for "the Suzuki-san house"
>(i.e. the house with a sign saying
>"Suzuki"). At the same time, it's
>vague enough that the old
>lady/grandmother might be someone
>else who lives at Suzuki-san's

is probably best interpreted as "The ○○ (family)'s grandmother.

In any case it is certain that the
house will not be labelled suzuki*san*.

What is this admirable power?
I guess you thought that was
勇ましい 【いさましい】 (adj) brave; valiant; gallant; courageous; (P)
it is certainly not very easy to tell however I think it is more likely to be
凄じい(io); 凄まじい(P) 【すさまじい】 (adj) terrific; fierce; terrible; tremendous; dreadful; awful; amazing; absurd

Mystery Person X said...

>In any case it is certain that the
>house will not be labelled

True enough. I certainly wasn't thinking when I left the "-san" in there =)

Thanks for the help, anyway. I'll think it over and decide again how best to word it. Good call on the other line as well.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I will have some time to help with this since Pretty Cure is a favorite series of mine. I wouldnt mind helping out with the timing - and I could definitely use the practice doing the timing. Where are u getting the raw from?

dKiWi said...

hmm i havent watched it yet, dling now tho. but i gotta say that U ROCK!!! ^^

Prons said...

Thanks a lot for the episode.

Carl said...

Hey dude! nice work, cant waith to get some more Pretty Cure Action ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great work, thank you for subbing Pretty Cure Splash Star! :-)

Kuchiki Rukia said...

Nice work,
honto arigato!! ^^

Mystery Person X said...

Hint: Volunteering to help doesn't work if you call yourself "anonymous" and give me no way to contact you :p Probably best to send me an e-mail.

Also, the other anonymous who wrote several comments about the translation yesterday... E-mail me as well please if you're reading this =) (Unless, of course, you foresee the question I'm going to ask and are absolutely not interested.)

Magic said...

Oh wow!
Thank you very much for the episode with subtitle! Great work! :)

Anonymous said...

Great work!

- I' currently buying the Import DVDs & games & toys.

- Please make sure they are in AVI format please.(not MP4)

thanks ^_^
Dragon Box

Anonymous said...

> Also, the other anonymous who wrote
> several comments about the
> translation yesterday... E-mail me
> as well please if you're reading
> this =) (Unless, of course, you
> foresee the question I'm going to
> ask and are absolutely not
> interested.)

I think there's a fair chance I can
guess your question.

I don't have the time to translate /
transcript the whole lot but I certainly wouldn't mind checking your work when it's finished or trying to help work out what's said with the odd difficult bit.

HotondoNaNashi @

Incidentally in the second episode you can see the use of a very similar phrase to the すずきさんち

10:18 あ。もしかして、みしょうさんとこのまいちゃんね。
美翔(みしょう) being her family name,
舞(まい) being her 'first' name
とこ being short for ところ

"Ah, and might you be Mai from the
Misho's (place)?"

Lynn said...

Hello. Mystery person. Thank you for your hard work. But I am just curious that have you taken Japanese Language Proficiency yet? Do you mind telling us which level you are at if you did take it? ^__^


Anonymous said...

I am willing to help you. I love anime, in particular, Mahou Shoujo. Anyway, I have absolutely no experience. I could be of help if I get taught. If you wish to contact me ; do so at I don't check my e-mail daily, since I have stuff to do outside the internet world, so it might take me some time (hopefully not a lot) to reply. As I told you, I have no experience at all. I don't even know what a timer is. Unless its someone who takes time. If you wish to take help from me, you have to be willing to teach me. Here's my e-mail again:

Anonymous said...

mmm, great translation i must say, your timming isnt that bad either.

im a mexican fansuber, and i must say, you made a great job.

i hope to continue to finish this anime, as the big fan of Pre-Cure that i am!

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