Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pretty Cure Splash Star 10-12

Episode 10 is now well seeded, and I've just released 11. After some more indecision I decided to encode and release 12 as well, so that'll be available sometime tomorrow when 11 is (eventually) seeded. [EDIT: 11 seeded quicker than I expected so 12 is out already.]

As with the movie and episode 9, the translation for episode 12 has not been checked over by anyone but me (but it should be mostly fine). However, episodes 10 and 11 had the translation checked by HotondoNaNashi, for which I am of course very grateful.

From Monday I once again won't have regular internet access. It should be only temporary, but there obviously won't be any more releases straight away. Nonetheless, I figure I might as well give you a more specific update about the progress I've made with the next few episodes.

Episodes 13's translation is pretty much complete except for the (hypothetical at this point) translation check stage. For episodes 14-16 and 23 I've done a first pass translation, leaving gaps wherever I need to look words up (which isn't all that often, this being Pretty Cure) and not worrying too much about the final wording. 13-15 are also timed, although I still need to do some quick typesetting bits and pieces. I haven't started on 17-22 or 24+, but at least I have some more raws to work on thanks (very much!) to Jen.

And there you have it. Hopefully you can look forward to more Splash Star once I get internet access again. (Michiru and Kaoru are edging ever closer!) For now, get downloading =)


Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you!

for the many who have been waiting for this project to resume... thank you... please keep going!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can you eventually reseed
Pretty Cure Splash Star 02 [MFTGX].avi?

that would be really great

and thanks for the subbing work

Val said...

Thanks for writing this.