Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pretty Cure Splash Star 23

Epic stuff right here!

I haven't started working on any further episodes yet, so expect at least a short break for now. Still, I think you'll agree this is a good point to leave off at. I'll put the 11-20 batch up tomorrow.

Also, here are XviD versions of the last two episodes courtesy of Anime Magic Box:
Episode 21
Episode 22


justdave said...

Thanks again for continuing these! You're posting them faster than I can watch them. :) Don't let that stop you though, got all the time in the world to watch them when I get around to it. Sounds like I might have time to get caught up before you get most posted though.

Anonymous said...

sweetness and a half. this series makes me happy, thanks for your work, and take your time.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!!!!

XviD said...

Sorry for taking so long. it taken me 15 hour to download the torrent.

Episode 23 XviD

Episode 23 MKV

if you don't want to download then you can just watch it online.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

thank you i hope to see the rest of the series eventually from you :D